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Kinda Geeky is our way to show the world we are all a little Geeky. We interview anyone geeky; cosplayers, photographers, artists, djs and so on. I am very Geeky and just trying to show the world we are all Kinda Geeky. This is all about community and letting people get to know each other better in this geeky world. Some of the topics of Kinda Geeky are Video Games, Movies, Television, Anime and more depending on the guest. We would love to share our Kinda Geeky experiences with our Kinda Geeky audience. Enjoy and remember to stay...

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E3 2019 Kinda Geeky Review

Welcome to the 110th episode of Kinda Geeky. Well it is that time of year again. E3 is (was) here!!! Julio and I were able to attend all three days this year too. So we were able to check out more than a few games this year. We jumped around from Bethesda to Square Enix to Capcom and many more. So, we played games like DBZ Kakarot, Monster Hunter World Iceborne, plus Sonic and Mario Olympic Games. E3 was a grand experience and sensory overload as always. I hope you enjoy the episode and always remember to stay…

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Kinda QA the Sony Way

Welcome to the 109th episode of Kinda Geeky. It has been a month since the last episode (kinda) and a lot has been happening. Also a special guest sat in for this episode. Mr. Matthew Foley; how is a fellow person on the QA Team at Sony with Julio and me. We got a chance to sit down and record this while on lunch. Foley shared his pathway in the QA industry, plus his video game evolution and favorite movies and TV shows. Julio and I added a little segment at the end to get everyone caught up on what’s been happening; plus some upcoming events...E3!!! So I hope y’all enjoy the episode. Learn a pathway for QA, get a little geeky and as always. Remember to stay…

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Kinda Geeky Live Panel 3.0

Here is the 108th podcast, live from Titancon 2019. This year’s special guest is @aprilstarcosplay. We have cosplayed together. Now I get a chance to interview here for the podcast. The panel was a little dead due to Wondercon but we had a great time none the less. Find out more about April and how she got into cosplay and came up with the IG handle, plus more. I hope you enjoy the episode and always remember to stay…

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Kinda Gaming Breakdown and July Wrap-Up with Foley

Welcome to the 111th episode of Kinda Geeky. July was a busy month personally and within the Geeky entertainment sphere. Thus, making it hard to cover all that took place. But, I did get a chance to sit down with Julio and Foley to talk about some of the geekiness. Covering some intense video game discussion in regards to game cycles and micro-transactions. Also with the discussion of the Marvel Phase 4 releases and some other summer entertainment news. I hope you enjoy the episode and always remember to stay…

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